Constructive Conflict Solutions
Enhancing professional and personal success through conflict competence

Professional Success - Private Failure?

16-hour workdays, around-the-clock availability, working-weekends and interrupted holidays are common features of a successful professional lifestyle today. Burnout and depression often go hand-in-hand with success and rewarding private lives are often very hard to establish or maintain.

You do not however have to pay this price for your hard-earned achievements. Constructive Conflict Solutions supports you in complementing your professional success by creating the fulfilling private life that you desire but struggle to achieve:

How does Conflict Coaching help professionals with personal conflict?

How does personal conflict coaching work?

Constructive Conflict Solutions works either one-to-one with the individual professional or together with the professional family or essential relationship to create a high-value private life.

An initial interview serves to clarify the conflict framework, identify the challenges and determine the desired outcome for the client.

Sessions last between 45 minutes and one hour and may include specific tasks to be completed by the client during the time in-between sessions. The coaching relationship generally lasts three to six months of one coaching session a week. This time-frame however is variable and is subject to the specific needs of the client and the nature and merits of the individual conflict situation.

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