Constructive Conflict Solutions
Enhancing professional and personal success through conflict competence

Workplace Conflict

Conflict in the workplace is ubiquitous and multi-facetted - from authoritative top-down management to bullying, boycott or a simple lack of cooperation. It happens behind the closed doors of the boardroom, within the ranks of senior management, amongst team members, in schools, universities and on the factory floor.

Ongoing conflict is a reason to seek alternative employment, to take sick-leave, early retirement or simply to bunker down and do the bare minimum.

Regular exposure to conflict results in serious illness, stress, burnout, depression or at the very least, a pervasive sense of job-dissatisfaction. At organizational and macro-economic levels, conflict-related fallout costs billions.

Personal Conflict

For the successful professional, private life is often conflict-ridden through time constraints, punishing travel schedules and 24-hour availability. Not only is there little time for personal relaxation and stress-release but essential relationships are often neglected and fraught with unmet expectations, guilt and personal conflict.

What is Conflict Competence?

Little wonder then, that conflict competence is increasingly recognized as:

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