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What is Conflict Coaching?

Conflict coaching is a supported conflict self-discovery process that

Fundamental Groundwork for Long-Term Change

By focussing exclusively on the client's unique conflict patterns and beliefs towards both internal and external conflict, Conflict Coaching provides the fundamental groundwork for long-term change.

Conflict coaching enables the client to uncover these patterns and beliefs, to evaluate their efficacy and to decide upon alternative responses or enhanced competencies so as to achieve better and sustainable results.

Conflict Coaching is not the same as Conflict Resolution Skills

Human resource experts have long offered conflict management programs containing standardized packages entitled "conflict resolution skills".

These communication-based conflict resolution programs fall far short when it comes to uncovering the root of the problem - the client's conflict profile, history, intention and inherent skills which ultimately hold the key to long-term conflict resolution.

Such "conflict resolution skills" are correctly viewed as a secondary or parallel learning processes to conflict coaching and are in no way equivalent to the explorative conflict self-discovery process of conflict coaching.

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