Constructive Conflict Solutions
Enhancing professional and personal success through conflict competence

Five Steps to Constructive Conflict Resolution

The Constructive Conflict Solutions process explores the nature and significance of conflict for the client as well as uncovering and identifying deep-rooted conflict habits, patterns and responses. Through powerful questioning, perspective shifts and heightened conflict self-awareness a cognitive and transformative shift in the client's understanding of conflict is made possible, and the door to fundamental and lasting change in the client's approach to conflict is opened.

The Five-Step Conflict Coaching Process

1. Exploring the Conflict Landscape

Clients are encouraged to tell and re-tell, refine and explore their particular conflict story from various points of view. Exploratory questioning and testing peel away the layers of the conflict narrative and allow the client to uncover different perspectives, interests and assumptions surrounding the conflict.

2. Reading the Conflict Flagpoles

This phase examines the actual conflict with regard to the key concepts of Emotion, Identity and Power. In doing so, the client's understanding of the conflict is deepened and conflict responses, patterns, habits, unconscious needs and motivations are identified.

3. Strategising the Desired Outcome

This phase not only involves evaluating options and envisioning a realistic conclusion to the conflict but also identifies whatever knowledge, skill and conflict resources would be most beneficial to meet the final stages of conflict resolution.

4. Gathering Resources

The client acquires the necessary interpersonal, conflict resolution and negotiation skills identified in phase three with which to resolve the conflict effectively.

5. Facing the Conflict Challenge

The client is now fully equipped to enter the conflict resolution process with the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to ensure successful resolution to the conflict. Even after successful resolution, Constructive Conflict Solutions continues to provide ongoing support to ensure long-term and lasting transformation to the client's approach to conflict.

How does it work?

Coaching sessions for the individual client are usually conducted on the phone but may take place face-to-face. Group or team coaching is generally conducted face-to-face on the client's premises.

In the case of Personal Conflict Coaching, Constructive Conflict Solutions works either one-to-one with the individual professional or together with the professional family or essential relationship.

An initial interview serves to clarify the conflict framework, identify the challenges and determine the desired outcome for the client.

Sessions last between 45 minutes and one hour and may include specific tasks to be completed by the client during the time in-between sessions. The coaching relationship generally lasts three to six months of one coaching session a week. This time-frame however is variable and is subject to the specific needs of the client and the nature and merits of the individual conflict situation.

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